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If you're looking to get your device repaired, you can request a quote with us here. For Nvidia Graphics Cards, we only accept RTX 2000 series cards and newer in for repair, and for AMD, the card must be RX 6000 series or newer. For Laptops and other devices, anything is welcome. The repair process is detailed below the submission form.

Thanks for submitting! We will try to reach you within 3 business days



1) Submit a repair request using the form above detailing your device and its symptoms. We will email you with a quoted price for your particular device & issue and provide an address for you to mail your device to. If you don't receive an email from us within a couple days, check your junk/spam folder.

2) Mail the device fully assembled within two weeks of receiving the quote and let us know the tracking number. Once we're finished with your device, we will email you an invoice and let you know the final condition of your item.

3) Issue us a prepaid shipping label and pay the PayPal invoice. Items are shipped one or two business days after the invoice is paid.

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